Travel Tips 1 & 2

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  1. Read Up On Your Destination

To produce topnotch travel photography you need to do some advance research on your destination. While you’re still at home, read up on the location you plan on visiting.

Find out about interesting local landmarks, areas of unique natural beauty, interesting structures or architecture that might make for good subject matter and/or photographic locations.

The Internet is a great resource as are travel guides for finding out as much as possible about the customs and culture, the overall region, any interesting festivals or events that might be happening when you’ll be there and don’t forget to find out what the weather will be.

You might find out that you’re planning on being down the block from somewhere or something amazing that is just waiting for you to take pictures. This is why it’s vital research all the destinations you plan on visiting before you leave so you don’t miss out on any opportunities for taking great photos.

When you’re checking the weather report during your visit, see if you can find out the exact time the sun will be rising and setting. Those are the “golden hours” for taking great pictures, especially if you’re in a hot climate where it tends to get hazy during the middle of the day.

There are specific parts of the world where photographs are not allowed, places where photographers must follow certain rules. Find out in advance what you can and cannot photograph so you can avoid getting into trouble. 

You might also want to check to see if there are any specific dress codes you must follow, as well as any other local regulations and/or laws that must be obeyed. Learn all you can about the culture and religion of the area before you arrive so that you don’t make any serious mistakes or offend anyone while you’re in the country.


  1. Get the Instagram Community to Weigh In

It’s always a good idea to have a top-notch travel guidebook for research purposes, but you can also get a lot of interesting feedback and information on the destination you’ve chosen from the Instagram Community, an iTunes app. People in that community will happily offer their advice and it’s always free!

Your followers will want to know where you’re traveling next so they can weigh in on the top locations to visit, where you should eat, and the best places to see and photograph. 

Every destination is unique, with its own clichés and secret hideaways off the beaten path. See if you can find some local Instagrammers who can tell you where they go to shoot. If it’s possible, try to speak to them personally to get the inside track on the most interesting spots for taking pictures.

Instagram’s mobile photography community can be very helpful because everyone is so friendly. You won’t have any trouble finding people who will be thrilled to help you in your quest for the best locations to shoot. And there’s always the possibility that someone might offer to meet up with you and show you around!


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