3 Tips To Capture Steady Content

Posted on October 14, 2015 by Alexandra Sharova | 1 comment

Keeping your phone steady during a shot is important to capture a crisp and professional looking shot. Steady shots are especially important at night, or in other low light situations. This is because an image is captured by allowing light to enter the lens, the less light there is the more time is required to make the image. When a movement of the camera occurs while the light is entering the lens blur is created.

Don’t Zoom - Zooming while recording is a big no-no, it typically leads to shaky footage, and the longer focal length leads to an amplification of any shakiness. Movement is less noticeable when you are using a wider lens such as the ones included in our Imvio iPhone camera Lens Kit.

Use 2 Hands - You probably know that using 2 hands while carrying a cup will help steady it so that nothing spills, but for some reason this logic is often forgotten by those holding their phone for taking photos or videos. By using 2 hands, you are increasing the steadiness of your shot, and by holding it closer to you, you are able to use yourself as a tripod.

Tripod - While you can get yourself pretty steady using your body, a tripod will set your iPhone perfectly still. This is the best way to get stable, professional-looking images out of your iPhone. There are many devices that will allow you to attach your phone to a tripod.

Handheld or tripod mounted, the Imvio iPhone camera case and lens kit are a great way to increase the quality of your iPhone photos and video while still protecting your phone.



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April 15, 2016

Please help me, you send me wrong case, my iPhone is 6p !!
What i have to do?

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