An Active Phone Case For An Active Life

Posted on September 14, 2015 by Alexandra Sharova | 0 comments


We all live active lives, whether you are walking around downtown, skating down the boardwalk, or hiking a mountain, being out and about is inspiring for both photographers and videographers. With an active life, you need a camera that suits your lifestyle, which is why we made the Imvio case and lenses for iPhone 5iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


Phone Case

The Imvio iPhone camera case is built for your active lifestyle. The outer case is built from shock-absorbent thermoplastic to protect the phone from bumps and knocks. This outer shell wraps around the entire edge of the iPhone and slightly over the front. This full coverage creates a protective surface for every side of the phone. While protection is important, prevention is ideal. To help prevent your phone from crashing to the ground, we built in a strip of polycarbonate in the back of the case. The polycarbonate creates a soft texture that makes it easier to grip your phone.


Lens Case

The Imvio iPhone camera lens kit is built with performance and aesthetics in mind. Offering a wide-angle and fisheye lens allows you the freedom you need to get the shot you want. While being able to choose your lens is important, keeping them protected is essential to having your lenses when you need them. The lens case is built of polycarbonate to create a durable outer shell while the EVA foam interior keeps your lenses from bouncing around. To keep the case closed, we used a slide locking system to keep your lenses safe when not in use.


Whether your iPhone camera lens kit is in your hand or clipped to your bag, it is designed for your active lifestyle. SHOP ONLINE today to maximize your phone's photographic performance and rugged exterior with the Imvio camera case and lenses for iPhone.




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