Shooting Portrait Vs. Landscape

Posted on November 26, 2016 by Alexandra Sharova | 0 comments

Shooting photos is more than simply picking up a camera, pointing it at a subject, and taking a picture. Photography is about light, composition, and shutter speed, and today we will be discussing the use of landscape and portrait in your photo composition. While you are more or less stuck with landscape images while shooting video, photography offers you a freedom to truly choose your composition.


Shooting in portrait means taking a photo with a vertical length longer than the horizontal. This is done by turning the camera on its side. As the name suggests, this is often used for shooting portraits of people, but this isn’t always the case. If you find that your photo would look better with more height, you will want to shoot in portrait, but keep in mind that more of the subject doesn’t always mean a better shot. Follow the rule of thirds, and try to keep your subject on a line that divides your display into 3 equal parts.


Shooting in landscape is taking a photo that has a longer horizontal length than its vertical height. The name comes from shooting landscapes, as you typically want more of the horizon in the photo, compared to shooting a portrait. Landscape oriented images are best used for shooting landscapes, motor vehicles, and action sports. Just like portrait, it comes down to choice, but as a rule of thumb you should try to use the rule of thirds; stated above.

Try shooting all of your photos in either landscape or portrait for a week or so, and then switch it up to the other. This allows you to begin recognizing what works and what doesn’t. The alternative method is to shoot your photos in portrait and landscape, and then comparing the two.

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