Beginner iPhone camera Mistakes

Posted on May 24, 2016 by IMVIO Team | 0 comments

Apple has created one of the best cameras available on a phone, while the camera itself is impressive the addition of our Imvio iPhone camera lenses and case take the shooting abilities of the iPhone to the next level. With so much performance packed into a go anywhere form factor, the issue of poor media capture usually lies in the hands of those behind the lens. We believe that photography and video skills are not ones you are born with, but rather skills you acquire from experience. Below are common iPhone mistakes for you to avoid.

Whip It Out

The biggest difference between a photographer and a novice is that the photographer always has their camera out, ready to capture their next shot. While the small form allows you to carry your camera everywhere, are you actually keeping it out? Keep your camera in your hands, and you will find yourself with many more images.

Vertical Video

While a phone is held vertically while you talk on it, it is rare that quality video is ever captured in a vertical position. There is a reason that video players are wider than they are tall, it is just more aesthetically pleasing. Photographers, on the other hand, should use their best judgement when shooting landscape or portrait.

Low Light

When you shoot your photos and videos, you need to be aware of the amount of light available. While iPhones have vastly improved their low light capabilities, it is still essential to have enough light for your shot. While built-in flashes are handy, they are not a pleasing light source for videos or photos.


Simply put, don’t use it! As soon as you start zooming images become blurry, pixelated, and just plain terrible. If you need to get closer, then get up and move closer to your subject.

Whether it is your first time using the iPhone camera or any camera, it is important to avoid these novice mistakes. Now go forth with your Imvio iPhone camera lens kit and take your best photos and videos yet.

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