Mobile photography and travel

Posted on February 29, 2016 by Alexandra Sharova | 0 comments

This has in recent times become a full blown movement. Amateur and professional photographers alike have been experimenting with various shooting and techniques on editing using their mobile devices. The travel photography is about conveying through images the sense of time and place the landscape, culture, architecture, etc, in the natural state.Being able to snap a quick photo with your phone over a traditional camera is sometimes a better option especially when you travelling and need to take that spontaneous and unpredictable photo.

Most of the traditional photography principles apply to mobile photography. However, the added versatility of being portable and the instant editing options make mobile photography stand out. Here are some few tips to help you get the best out of it:

Get creative and find yourown style.

This is very important in mobile photography because there are no rules.  Thus, it is essential that you be creative and hassome fun. You just never know what amazing styles you can come up with and at so much ease. Also utilise the inbuiltfunctions on your device’s camera such as crop, take panoramas, and play with the focus and exposure. 

Invest in some apps

Many photo apps are free and available for download but isworth investing in just a few solid ones that will give you more control when shooting and have more options when it comes to editing such as Snapseed and Procamera. In additionto this, the more you play around with different apps, the more you’ll start to shoot with specific filters and styles in mind and learn which effects that mix together to get more original results. 

Practice and patience

Just like is the case in most circumstances. Getting good at mobile photography takes time and needs practise. Getting the best app that you will like best and learning how to use them will require you to keep trying.  Most are straightforward but you’ll need time to keep trying the different filters and functions of each to understand their full potential. Getting to know you phone’s camera and under which conditions it can produce the best results.  Thus, get ready to invest some of your time and keep practicing. 

Always try to tell stories and capture emotion 

A good photo should always give the viewers something to think about or make them feel something. By virtue of being covert and less intrusive to your subjects, the mobile devices are handy gadgets. When editing using the photo apps, you can change the mood or inject some of your own emotions into them.  



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