Is your iPhone Camera All You Really Need?

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You Can Take Amazing Travel Photos With Your iPhone 

When planning a trip it can be a challenge trying to determine how much camera equipment you’ll need. Who wants to drag around a load of bulky equipment if it’s not needed? The truth is that whether you’re heading out for a weekend getaway, a family cruise, or a backpacking trip across the Alps, your iPhone is all you’ll need for great pictures. Each week we will teach you ways to achieve great success using just the camera on your iPhone.

Is your iPhone Camera All You Really Need?

Travel photography is for documenting all the special moments on your trip so that you can share your travels with friends, family and of course your followers on Instagram and Facebook, throughout your trip.  Although the quality and resolution of your images may be better on a DSLR or some other expensive camera, you cannot beat the convenience and portability of your iPhone.

The iPhone is lightweight, compact and ideal for taking pictures quickly and when you want to be discreet. Since you’ll have it with you on the trip anyway there’s no point in lugging around a lot of camera equipment.

Can you imagine what a nuisance it would be to carry around a heavy camera, lenses and tripod while navigating the great outdoors? It simply makes no sense, plus all this expensive equipment can easily catch the attention of thieves, making you a target.

Another problem with using a typical camera is that it takes time to adjust the settings and this delay often causes photographers to miss their window of opportunity. The shot can be lost in minutes, if not seconds. With an iPhone, it takes about two seconds to pull it out and start taking pictures.  

Travel photography has one primary purpose and that is to document your journey, to tell a story about the locations you’re visiting, what you did and whom you met when you were there. So, if you had planned on bringing a big digital camera with you on your next trip, you might want to reconsider.

There is every reason to believe that your iPhone can be an ideal travel camera, although you should take some steps to get it ready for your trip and are prepared to follow certain guidelines spelled out here, once you arrive at your destination.

All you need is a bit of knowledge and your imagination to take beautiful and interesting travel photos with just your iPhone. There are ten ways you can maximize your odds of getting amazing travel shots using your iPhone! want to know more about IMVIO Click here 






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