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For any inquiry please contact Support@imvio.com



What is included in my IMVIO Kit? 

Each IMVIO KIT includes an IMVIO protective Case, Two IMVIO lenses Fisheye and Wide-Angle and a Slim IMVIO carrying case with a carabineer hook.


How do I use my IMVIO Lenses? 

Please visit the “TIP(user guide)” page for more information and how to use your product.


Do I need to remove my case to use the IMVIO lenses?

You do not need to remove your IMVIO case to attach your lens. IMVIO case is specially designed to protect your phone at all time and allow you to attach you lenses directly on the IMVIO case.

Do my IMVIO lens works with my current apps, such as Instagram, Camera+ etc.

Yes they do, IMVIO lenses work with every app for photo and video and picture. For more information look at our “Instagram” page and “you tube” page.


What does IMVIO means?



What are the business hours for IMVIO HQ?

From Mon-Fri we try to be available night and day for emails, and if we are not answering will make sure we contact you back the following day.

For call and additional information 9am-5pm.


How can I track my order?

After your order you will be receiving a confirmation email, and once your order has been place you will receive a tracking number.