How to Take Your Best Instagram Photos

It is no secret – when it comes to great Instagram profiles, Hipsters win hands-down. For those of us who have not been schooled in the art of man buns & French press coffee, IMVIO has put together some tips on making your Instagram swoon-worthy.

Angles Are Everything

Instagram brunching is not a hobby that can be taken lightly. Before snacking on your sandwich, take a moment to consider the lighting and positioning of your food subject. Some may say that if you’re not standing on a chair, you’re not doing right. Fortunately, our IMVIO team values simplicity when it comes to taking photos – that’s why IMVIO created the iPhone fisheye lens to expand your photo’s frame and make snapping the perfect meal a breeze. Keep the compact iPhone lens kit in your pocket to quickly take a few shots of your beautiful meal and then dig in!

Composition is Key

You cannot take a hip without “setting the mood”. Add some dynamic to your shot by including aesthetic accessories. Whether you decide to pose gazing thoughtfully upon a moody landscape or opt to photograph a combination of your double shot espresso & newspaper, the IMVIO iPhone case lenses make it easier to get the best shot. Use the wide landscape lens or the iPhone fisheye lens to capture your image from the best perspective.

Lights, Camera, Action.

 One reason IMVIO created these compact iPhone lenses is to help our customers capture their lives on the go with minimal hassle. The best way to capture exciting images is to go on exciting adventures and live action-filled lives. Bring your IMVIO iPhone camera lenses along on your next hike, sky diving trip, or kayaking adventure. Make sure you make the most of your trip, and we guarantee that a great picture will follow.


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