IMVIO iPhone Lens Reviews

The IMVIO iPhone Lens Kit was designed to specifically help the active, adventurous, thrill-seeking IMVIO clients capture their memories with minimal effort. After getting the iPhone Lens kit in the hands of users and receiving numerous IMVIO lens reviews, the IMVIO team is proud to say that our movement has been a success. 

IMVIO has strived to build a community filled with like minded photographers and the IMVIO product reviews received from our users is something on which we pride ourselves. A priority for the IMVIO team while designing the attachable iPhone lens case was ensuring the the iPhone lens case was able to withstand all types of adventures. Hear from two IMVIO users in their IMVIO lens reviews on how the iPhone Lens Kit is the perfect travel accessory:

This is one of the nicest phone cases I have ever had! I am one person that loves to have her phone in a case that actually is going to protect the phone no matter what.


I am so addicted to this product and it is now my new and favorite travel buddy! It is super easy to attach to the phone case and no app is required to operate it.


 In addition to making an easy-to-use case which can withstand wear, the IMVIO team created two add-on iPhone lenses that elevate iPhone photography of all levels. The wide lens and the attachable iPhone fisheye lens are the ultimate iPhone photography staple when it comes to capturing enjoyable every-day moments or once in a lifetime memories. In satisfied customer Heather’s IMVIO lens review, she writes:

 The difference in the pictures are fantastic. I always at least have one or the other of the lenses on my phone at all times. I would recommend these to anybody with the iPhone Plus that enjoys taking pictures as much as I do, your pictures will go to the next level immediately.

 The IMVIO team has made it a top goal to help customers be able to revisit and relive their favorite memories from the best perspective. According to IMVIO product reviews, the attachable fisheye lens for iPhone has already begun changing the way IMVIO customers are approaching iPhone photography. In another raving IMVIO lens review of the iPhone Lens kit, an IMVIO user writes:

Excellent fish eye lens that adds some diversity to your pictures. I'm kind of new to posting pics on social media and talking pics in general with my phone so this has opened up a whole new world for me


The makers of IMVIO are dedicated to providing the IMVIO community the best tools for taking breath-taking images on the iPhone. IMVIO’s team pays close attention to how users are making the best of their attachable iPhone lens case through IMVIO iPhone Lens Kit reviews. The best part of the job is when IMVIO users surprise us by using the lenses in innovative ways. Check out how IMVIO user Jacob W. uses his iPhone lens kit to capture videos with GoPro in his IMVIO product review:

The IMVIO iPhone 6 camera lens case is gorgeous, it's high quality and works extremely well for both photos and action video (like a GoPro!)!

-Jacob W.


At IMVIO, its all about living in the moment. That’s why our staff is always open to hearing back from the IMVIO community to see what new adventures are being discovered with the IMVIO iPhone lenses. As a team full of adventurers, IMVIO is always open to hearing feedback on the IMVIO products. Write us an IMVIO product review to let our team know how IMVIO is changing the way you take pictures!