iPhone Photography with IMVIO Attachable Lens Kit

With today’s focus on image based social media and the dominating on-the-go lifestyle, IMVIO recognizes that iPhone photography has become the most effective way to capture life’s best experiences. IMVIO has created add on lenses for the iPhone 5, 5s, 6, & 6 plus to take iPhone photography to the next level. IMVIO offers the best iPhone lens kit for users to carry without the hassle of toting along a camera. By using the latest technology in the field, IMVIO has designed two unique camera lenses for iPhone users: the fisheye lens for iPhone and the wide angle lens for iPhone. Take professional level photos using the camera that is always at arm’s reach.

 The IMVIO camera lens attachments for your iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5, or 5s are the perfect way to capture any memorable occasion from an invigorating hiking trip to a delicious brunch. Through the lens of the IMVIO lenses for iPhone Photography, users can take enhance, adjust, and transform their photos to create works of art without the inconvenience, or cost, of a bulky camera. The IMVIO attachable fish eye lens for iPhone & add-on wide eye lens for iPhone both come in a small, protective case which can easily be carried along for long adventures.

 iPhone photography is a skill that could take months to perfect, but the IMVIO team knows that life is too short to wait a few months to get a great photo. That’s why IMVIO used its simple philosophy to create the portable, add on iPhone lenses to improve iPhone photos within seconds.

In addition to giving our customers the best iPhone lens kit in the market, IMVIO is also sharing some quick tips on how to make your iPhone Photography stand out:

  1. Keep photos simple. The most sophisticated compositions are the ones that do not overwhelm.
  2. Create depth within the frame. Multiple planes in a photo look far better than a flat photo.
  3. Use symmetry to your advantage. The human eye craves a balances aesthetic.

Express personal creativity and increase the possibilities of iPhone Photography by using the simply designed attachable iPhone camera lenses. Our clients have used the IMVIO iPhone lens kit to take the most mundane scenes – or the most exciting scenes – to a whole new level. The IMVIO attachable iPhone lenses and iPhone case have been tested on the field, while traveling, at a rave, and at home with the family, and a consensus has been reached: The IMVIO iPhone Photography Lens Kit is the most portable solution on the market to immortalize life’s most memorable moments.