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IMVIO Case + Lens Kit

With the new Imvio Kit you can capture any moment on the go – keeping your phone protected at all times while being able to quickly change lenses, and most importantly EASILY. Don't worry about keeping your valuable lenses safe, with our innovative lens carrying case you can confidently bring your lenses anywhere with the most portable solution on the market.

iPhone 5/5s










iPhone 6 & 6Plus 

Imvio Lens Kit is the key to transforming your Photography and Social Media – free from bulky lenses that doesn't stay put, low quality images and time consuming attachments. Imvio is intended for unlocking the endless possibilities of Smartphone photography, with a one stop solution Kit.



 This product is ideal for:

  • Group Picture, the fisheye allows you to include all your friends in the picture.
  • Landscape, capture your surrounding 
  • Action sport, not missing an action by being to close 
  • Interior design & Architect, view more of an interior or a monument with out having to back up. 


 FISHEYE 170º Field Of View


WIDE-ANGLE 90º Field Of View