Take Your Instagram to the Next Level with the IMVIO iPhone Lens Kit

Everybody knows that summer is the time to take like-worthy Instagram photos, and this summer, IMVIO has created the perfect tool to take iPhone photography to the next level. This summer, take all of your adventures to a new level by using the IMVIO iPhone Photography Lens Kit.The IMVIO iPhone Camera case and attachable iPhone camera lenses is built to maximize portability and eliminates the need for expensive camera equipment.

Travel light this summer without bulky cameras and capture your #sundaybrunch or #traveltuesday Instagram post with the IMVIO iPhone fisheye camera lens. The unique fisheye lens expands your iPhone camera’s point of view, allowing you to capture amazing photography of friends, food, and adventure.  IMVIO carries the best lenses for iPhone photography to help all adventure seekers keep up with even the most well curated Instagram accounts.

The IMVIO team is filled with travelers, risk takers, food lovers, and thrill seekers – that’s why IMVIO created an iPhone Lens Kit that focuses on portability and simplistic design. There is no need to spend hours capturing the perfect shot. Use IMVIO’s wide eye iPhone camera lens to get the best city-scape or beach scene in one shot, or grab a quick selfie with friends at a life changing concert or a summertime race while still living in the moment.

The IMVIO iPhone camera case and add on iPhone camera lenses come in four different colors to match all personalities and works with all iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 models. This summer, don’t just sit at home looking at everyone else’s summertime Instagrams. Go out and capture like-worthy photographs of your own! At IMVIO, the team has taken the iPhone Photography Lens Kit on all sorts of adventures. Check out the IMVIO Instagram to see how our team is making the most of summer travels, late nights at the skate park, ice cream runs with the family and thrilling music festivals.

Creating new memories is easy with the best lenses for iPhone photography. IMVIO lenses offer a whole new perspective on even the most mundane parts of life. InStyle magazine has called the IMVIO iPhone Lens Kit the “most coveted summer accessory” and we have to agree. IMVIO offers the most portable iPhone photography solution in the market and our team is dedicated to helping customers experience freedom through their adventures. Throw the IMVIO iPhone Lens kit in your pocket or attach it to your key chain and simply screw it on in seconds when the perfect Instagram moment comes along.

Make this summer count and join the likes of Instagram professionals with your new IMVIO iPhone Lens Kit.